My Out Of Control Teen Review


Most parents nowadays are complaining that their teenage children are out-of-control, it is a norm to hear comments like “Kids nowadays are not like how they used to be” or “Children these days are just so rebellious and disrespectful to their elder”.  What is the cause of this rebellion?  Food Upbringing?  Well, in this new generation, children are exposed to …

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My Out Of Control Child Review


This is actually the complete program Mark Hutten conducts at the Madison County Youth Center. It is pretty much like being part of a live parenting group, but online.This program literaly teaches you how to be the therapist in your family and gives you a free access to a unique forum where you can get …

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No Nonsense Teenager Parenting Review


Teenagers nowadays are going with the flow. Their clothes and trends are modernized, but so are their attitudes. Attitude has been a very big issue for parents in handling their teenager kids. Are you also a parent of a disrespectful, un-obedient and very rebellious teen that instead of following what you say, he or she …

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Talking To Toddlers Review


Talking to Toddlers is an audio book developed by Chris Thompson who specializes in communication. The hardest thing about being a parent of a toddler is the communication barrier. Toddlers don’t have the communication skills to tell us what they want and how they feel. Parents struggle trying to decipher what their toddler is trying …

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Happy Child Guide Review


If you came to this site you probably heard about   The Happy Child Guide or Ashley Ryan and her husband Dr.Blaise Ryan the creator of this program  and you are wondering who are those people and why you should trust them any way because there are so many  scam on the internet nowadays , its …

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